Float Plan

Peter and I have a loose idea of where & when we’re headed. We would really love to run into friends at any stop along the way…

Float Plan Map

You: close friend who wants to crew with us and sleep on the boat–the quarter berth or v-berth will be yours! OR someone who wants to do an Airbnb or other accommodations on land and we will meet you, maybe take you out for a daysail, but mostly we will trek on land together!

Tentative Float Plan (en shallah…God willing)

  • Philadelphia
  • Chesapeake Bay–hitting all the favorite anchorages (maybe)
  • Annapolis/Eastport
  • Lively, VA
  • Down ICW–hope for stops in Beaufort & Beaufort and lots of other towns as time & tide dictate.
  • Miami (currently reading Joan Didion’s Miami she’s such a smart writer, packs tons into a sentence!)
  • Bahamas (late October through late November)
  • Turks/Caicos (Thanksgiving trip anyone??)
  • Haiti (west coast, this is a little up in the air as weather patterns dictate)
  • Colombia : Mainland Cities Santa Marta & Cartagena and North Coast (December through the holidays–ring in 2016 with us?)
  • Colombia:: Islands of San Andres & Providencia
  • Panama: Mainland (Jan-Feb) (come to hike with us!)
  • Panama San Blas Islands
  • Maybe some inland trips Costa Rica (might need a yoga retreat by then!), Inca ruins in Guatemala?
  • Belize reefs
  • Cuba (Spring Break in Cuba?) (big hopes here for official, official opening. Peter’s squeamish about taking the boat if not)
  • Back up to US by June 1st
  • Maine??
  • NYC? (to our beloved 79th St Boat Basin perhaps?)
  • Philadelphia by August 15, 2016 in time to return to school!

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