Leavin’ Tomorrow…

Peter’s response every time anyone asked was “Leavin’ tomorrow…” partly because intention and actuality make for a funny juxtaposition…but mostly because we had no idea how long it would take us to get ready to go. We spent the last two months getting Gratitude ready and getting ourselves ready to leave life as we know it…

So we are leaving tomorrow. I have no photos to post yet. We’ve been busy settling everything and finally feel ready to go. The river opens at 12 noon and we’ll be leaving with the tide tomorrow afternoon to head south.

More later…Let the adventure begin! It’s GO TIME…finally!


2 thoughts on “Leavin’ Tomorrow…

  1. Hi Peter! Your friends here at Epic Bridges team! We are having our wonderful Tuesday’s team meeting. We missssssss yooooouuuu!


    • Great to hear from you, missing you guys as well. Boat prep took longer then planned and we had a few issues initially but are finally making some progress south. Hoping to be in Charleston by the end of the month. Stay in touch.


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