Renovations and Recipes

Peter continues to refit the galley…while I continue to decide what’s going in it and how to get ready for daily life aboard Gratitude.

After tackling the pressure pot a few weeks ago, my next concern was what to do about two of my go-to foods: yogurt and lettuce. As I recall from my time in the tropics, leafy lettuce and arugula just aren’t easy to come by. But what if I grew it myself and watered it and… And what about yogurt? Sure they probably have imported Yoplait almost everywhere, but at what cost? Could I learn how to make my own?

Making homemade yogurt was not something I ever dreamed of doing—it’s not like I’m a wannabe homesteader who wants to live miles off grid—oh, wait we do kinda live off-grid and we’re planning to get way more off-grid really soon. I better learn how to make yogurt!

I researched a few websites. The Boat Galley is a really great resource for almost everything you might need on a boat and most of the recommendations are spot-on. However, I could not see myself scraping yogurt out of a thermos every other day. It even sounds mundane. So instead, I continued my research and found this method where you can make yogurt in mason jars. I even found out after making it the first time that you don’t actually need to bring the milk up to temp and then cool it again—you can just bring it up to the inoculation temperature. Yes, I just said inoculate. This just doesn’t sound like me, does it? Well, it will be me. I have a thermometer arriving today. My first batch was eaten for breakfast this morning—even though I had to adapt several recipes and winged it on the temperature—it still turned out okay.

Oh, and I’m growing my own lettuce. Peter tells me there is no way the lettuce is going to grow on the boat in the tropics, but I really like salad greens. I’m too stubborn to believe him, so I’ve been moving lettuce inside every morning before it gets too hot. Yes, into the air conditioning. No, we aren’t going to have air conditioning on the sailboat. I may have to capitulate.

More later…including much-awaited before and after photos of the galley.

UPDATE: 9/6/2015

Lettuce dead. Yogurt batch number three going into my new thermos as soon as I have time to make it. Peter is finished the galley and cleaning up.


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