Sticking to it…

We had a beautiful renaming ceremony, but the last part of appeasing the gods requires the boat owners to take the boat out, back-wind the sails and float backward at least one boat length. We ordered the vinyl lettering spelling out our new boat name and hailing port. We waited and waited. Finally, Saturday afternoon a package arrived: we can now officially change the name of our boat.

After the name arrived, I began putting the calls out: Peter’s brother gave me an enthusiastic “Yeah, I’ll be there!” I’d preemptively asked Al who said  he was in if the name arrived. I called Cait, texted Liz. Roza could join so long as we could drop her at the Marilyn Manson concert. A plan started to come together late Saturday afternoon. A “Pop-Up Party” was in the making.

The name arrives!DSCF9058

The ghost of a shadow of Crash Pad lingered and Peter prepared the stern to be ready for the new name.












The official Fish & Boat Commission registration stickers–aka the Holy Grail of being legal in PA.







Peter applied the name while we all waited to go out for our first sail on Gratitude.DSCF9107 DSCF9109 DSCF9111IMG_5986


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