Gratitude: The new name for Russ’s boat, as soon as I can stop calling it (her?) “Russ’s Boat” and  as soon as the Coast Guard paperwork arrives.

Gratitude: A name that will remind us that every day is a blessing…something that is easily forgotten. Sometimes, those little synchronous moments–running into a friend on 3rd Street–remind me that there are no ordinary moments, just opportunities to live in gratitude.

Gratitude: Something we feel whenever we think about Russ, about the friendship we shared, about how whenever there was fun to be had–from sailboat races to watching the fireworks at the end of the dock–Russ was right alongside. As we settle into his boat formerly known as Crash Pad…as we think about some funny story…as we delve into boat details and notice some Russ-rigged organization trick…as we poke into anchor lockers and remember a story he told of getting a thrashing out in the ocean or a story of some undersea adventure…as we figure out what he already had figured out…I keep thinking, Damn, I wish he were here.

Gratitude: something we feel when we think about meeting Russ’s wonderful, warm (and often hilariously funny) family. Just like Russ…who could make anything–really any thing from a run-in at the grocery store to sinking a boat–fun and hilariously funny with his wit and humor. Russ’s family, whether by making us laugh with stories of Russ or with a warm embracing hug, welcomed us and continue to make us feel like we are family now. So. Much. Gratitude. for their generosity.

Gratitude: something we feel when we realize how truly blessed we are to have this chance to live the dream we dreamt one afternoon long ago…


8 thoughts on “Gratitude

  1. This is such a beautifully written tribute to your dear Russ, makes me wish I got to know him better. I’m so happy that you and Peter are living this adventure with such a deeply personal connection to Russ. It’s like he’s right there with you in a way.

    I’ll see you before you go! But congratulations on everything – I will be following along! Lots of love to you both! XOXOXO


    • We welcome the added prayers and blessings! It’s exciting and a little scary, but mostly looking forward to traveling and sailing. Be well and take care!


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